Newfoundland Transshipment Limited (NTL) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to our environmental programs and practices. Our staff are trained to monitor and execute our environmental program in all areas of our operation.

Some of the programs and environmental safeguards are outlined below:

Floating internal roofs

  • Reduced emissions

Oily water treatment

  • Standards higher than regulation

Impermeable containment system

  • Exceeds one million barrel capacity

Strong Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Continuously updated
  • Based on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance criteria, as a minimum
  • Strategic “life cycle” capital investment


  • Discharge water sampling
  • Environmental Effects Monitoring Program

Oil spill response

  • Approximately 150 m3 spill capacity, containment and clean up equipment on site
  • Scheduled drills that exceed requirements of Transport Canada
  • Eastern Canada Response Corporation appointed as spill response provider